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Rewrote function get_page_content
I needed support for theme url inside of my post for the most current site, and thus I rewrote the old get_page_content for this one:

function get_page_content() {
        global $content, $SITEURL, $SITENAME, $TEMPLATE, $title, $url;
        # Setup theme url
        $theme_url = $SITEURL . "theme/" . $TEMPLATE;
        # Strip slashes and decode special characters
        $content = stripslashes(htmlspecialchars_decode($content, ENT_QUOTES));
        # Replace data
        $patterns = array('/\{theme_url\}/i', '/\{site_url\}/i', '/\{site_name\}/i', '/\{page_slug\}/i', '/\{page_title\}/i');
        $replacements = array($theme_url, $SITEURL, $SITENAME,  $url, $title);

        # Send the data
        echo preg_replace($patterns, $replacements, $content);

{theme_url}, {site_url}, {site_name}, {page_slug}, {page_title}
random stuff. idk.
Neat... This would be a great addition to anyone's functions.php file (of course rename the function so the two can live happily ever after together)
- Chris
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