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Collection of Plugins
Hi everyone,
I have the feeling that there are quite a few plugins available for GetSimple but there seems to be no central place where they can be downloaded.
I think it would be really useful to have an overview somewhere where as a user you can find plugins that fulfill your needs and where they're somehow tested a little so that you can rely on them better.
Now we just have a forum where you have to look through dozens of posts before you have a chance of finding what you're looking for and you also never really know if you can trust these pieces of software because anyone could post any plugin that could make the whole CMS unsecure.
If there were a central collection, this could be optimised.
What do other users think about this?
These plugins work

1. gallery plugin (, which can be configured so and in so and do as you wish it seems.
and (

2. two plugin contacts (, (

3. plug-in to be able to upload pictures in different folders and paste the text directly from the server (

4. search plugins ( and (

5. there is a plugin random text (

6. there is a plugin shop (

7. plugin news / blog (

8. plugin for a slide show (

9. password protection of individual pages (

10. plugin comments from a discussion (

11. multilevel menu (

12. a plugin comments, but he is without captcha (

13. MP-3 player (

14. Site Map (

15. page cache (

16. plugin output a certain number of characters from any page (

17. subscription and newsletter (

18. is the plugin to allow certain clients to access individual files (

19. child menu (

20. plugins closing for maintenance (

21. RSS plugin (

22. breadcrumbs (

23. the best plugin multilevel menu + breadcrumbs + multilanguage (

24. (Yet Another) News Manager (

25. the best News Manager (
Oh yes, I remember having been to a while ago but I wasn't really happy about it. As Oleg06 shows, there are way more plugins available than the ones listed there. And it only says Latest Plugins, indicating that there are more. I cannot, however, find a complete list. I mean, it wouldn't be that bad if there weren't all the plugins included in such a list, because only the ones that are reliable and well tested should be there, but if you don't seem to see all of those, that's where it could be improved, I think.
Just put * into the search line - it seems to list all plugins (and themes and language files).
I18N, I18N Search, I18N Gallery, I18N Special Pages - essential plugins for multi-language sites.
Oh, thanks, this works!
@joene - I've added a "view all' link inside Extend - never actually realized there wasnt a way to see them all.

Sorry about the oversight!
- Chris
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Thanks ccagle8, that's a perfect solution!

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