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problem after installization
Hi,I've some problems after the installation,i don't understand how this cms must be used.I'm using this cms with easy php (the latest version) on windows 7 ultimate x64,the problem is the following: i've included functions.php in my site's index page (but copying the file in my site folder on the hdd) and i added only get_page_content() function but when i'm creating a new page from the cms and clicking view button on my index page appears a message: can't be use directly or a simil message
P.S: I'm sorry if in the post there are some errors but i'm not english
well, you can copy the message just fine... can you give us the exact message? Also, are you using Fancy URLs? It might also be the fact that we haven't tested completely with Windows... it might not be compatible: i'm just not sure
- Chris
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