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QUESTION Alternative image formats to <img>
So I only started out with GS recently, and I really like it. Smile

But is there any way to get another image format output in the browser than <img alt="text" src="img.jpg">? I would at the very least like to add some native lazy loading tag via loading="lazy"?

But if I enter any format other than <img alt="text" src="img.jpg">, it just disappears from the editor. (Is that supposed to be so?)

Same as with support for the <picture> format or webp, I suppose I could make a plugin. But I'm much more familiar with JavaScript than PHP, so I'm not sure if I actually (currently) can... I'm surprised there really doesn't seem to be any way to implement another image format (or I haven't been looking in the right places).

I forgot how but you can add new elements, or disable the auto check thingy, someone else can better remember but check the config.js file for the allowed elements.
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