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New Admin Theme: FlatBlue 2.0
Hi all,

It's been quite some time since my last post. With all of the quarantine stuff going on around the world, I decided to take some time and look back on some old projects that I worked on. I have always loved how simple GetSimple CMS is and I wanted to contribute by updating my original Flat Blue theme that I posted about several years ago.

I'm still cleaning up some areas of the theme, but what do you think of Flat Blue 2.0? I have added automatic light & dark detection so the theme will change based on the operating system theme. Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated!

[Image: p.png?fv_content=true&size_mode=5]
[Image: p.png?fv_content=true&size_mode=5]
Link to image gallery with more screenshots:
Hi phireware,

Thanks for updating the Flat Blue theme and yes fully agree with GS being
the fastest, easiest and adaptable CMS system.
Will need to have a look as I still use the flat blue for a large heath organisation in the UK. 

Good to hear you have updated it . . .

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