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Static or dynamic Header Image
First of all let me say this is an amazing CMS. (Thanks for that)

I have made a simple site with the dropdown dynamic menu plugin and the Abacus Theme. The site works like a charm.

The only thing is that I want a header (background) image per page. There are some JS plugins wich seem to work but they are made for body stuff.

I would like to have an image per site. It doesnt need to be dynamic but if thats the only way It will do.

Thanks again.

ps My lack of knowledge would be the reason that I have not found a solution so please bare with me.
I am not the most experienced php programmer, but I know this can be accomplished with the custom fields plugin and a conditional statement in your template.

If noone else knows a better solution, I can write a quick script for you.
this can be done using either a "image rotator" in the template

or using different templates

or using a slide gallery in the template

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Thanks for the help.

Im now trying to intergrate the "custom field" plugin.

It does not work yet. I think that it has something to do with the CSS/Template of my Abacus theme.

I wil post that in another topic

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