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PHP 7.3 - GetSimple compatibility
Hello, I hope someone can answer a question I have on PHP 7.3.

I recently received an email from my web host with whom I have two GetSimple sites hosted, telling me that they will be upgrading all their servers to PHP 7.3 and I should check the compatibility of GetSimple with that version of PHP.

Currently the servers my sites are hosted on use PHP5.6 and PHP7.0 and I have no problems.

Can anyone advise me whether GetSimple is compatible with PHP 7.3? Do I need to test my sites, and if so, how might I do that?

Any decent hosting provider gives you the option to select the php version you need for a project or website.
Usually you will find this option in your hoster's CPanel. If you cannot find it in your CPanel then open a support ticket
and ask your hoster.

Get-Simple cms is compatible with php 7.x
However not all plugins are compatible with php 7.x most of them will throw a deprecated php function use
which is not fatal. We all have work to do to replace the deprecated php function use with the new ones.
I believe there is a github somewhere to update plugins. Will look for it.
found it, here it is:

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