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PROBLEM Indexation seo
I make websites with getsimple in order to have visitors from Google and the search engines. 
I like it over Wordpress because it can run quite fast on simple hosts.

My problem is that I have a very slow indexation.
I register my site in the Search Console and upload the sitemap and all urls are valid. But he never takes them into account and has a very slow indexation process. 

When I was working with Wordpress, it was usually very fast and sometimes I even had temporary urls being indexed.

Do you have some recommendations about indexing ? Are there some checks I should make ? Or is it only a google problem ? 

(My pages have unique canonical, writte by hand, good and long content with pictures).

Thanks for help !
Hi Pablito,

You are totally right about Wordpress and GS. Wordpress has an over-complicated core
(wordpress was never meant to be for websites) and suffers from long page loading times.
GS is super php friendly and easy in it's core and with xml database it is very fast.

About the seo.
Do you develop websites local on your computer or do you develop websites online ?
If you develop a website online then you must block google from finding it during development.
Otherwise the seo from the development website will get mixed up with the website when it is ready.

Did you check that your fancy urls are correct in your websites ?
Did you check that your websites have the correct meta keys, description, author, etc. ?

For seo in GS you can make use of:
<?php get_header(); ?>
<?php get_page_meta_keywords(); ?>
<?php get_page_meta_desc(); ?>

And here is a plugin to improve seo
Hello Felix,
thanks for inputs.
I think everything is correct. It is just that I have this very slow indexation with GS sites.

Let me just show you an example :

Only 16 pages and it took several weeks just to have all the pages in the index...
And when I look at the code, canonical, etc it looks fine (by the way the meta keywords is useless)...

It is just this veryyyy slow indexation (several weeks for only 16 pages with good written and pictures content).
I cannot manage to see if this is a general problem with Google and that it concerns all websites.
there is something in GS that makes the process of indexing very slow.

Maybe other people have some experiences about this ?

Do you have pictures in your website ? Don't forget to fill in ...alt="picture-description"...
Did you check your text with Google ? Maybe it has duplicate text ?

If you want to write the best content that will rank well in Google, you have to target keyword phrases.
Avoid stuffing keywords or over-optimization. Ideally, put the keyword in your headline.

Here is a good read:

Hello Pablito,

I use GetSimple CMS for my Projects as well and never had any issues in terms of indexation.
As you mentioned, you use the GSC so it shouldn't be a problem having the pages indexed.
Are you sure that the pages you want to have indexed are indexable? (content="index, follow" or "index, nofollow")

Have you blocked any robots in the robots.txt file or in the HTACCESS file? Check the C Panel, Plesk or whatever at your webhoster.


Please also note that, just because you tell Google (or any other search engine) that a specific page is indexable, it doesnt mean that the page will necessary land in the index (due to low quality content).

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