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Frustrated by Plug-In Installation
Hello all. I have become enamored of GetSimple v.2.03.1 and would dearly love to use it.

Unfortunately, I can't get two plug-ins to work - Simple Image Gallery, 2.5.3 and Events v.2

I've worked with Wordpress and Joomla in the past and have a basic working knowledge of php. I have managed to install Mobile Theme Changer and p01-contact with absolutely no problem.

I have been at this for three days and two complete re-installs, I'm about to pack it in if some kind soul can't help me out.

I've attached a screenshot of my plug-in control panel if that might help anybody

Thanks so much.

[Image: plug-ins.gif]
did you check whether the correct permissions are set for the folder of these 2 plugins?

I once got trapped when I uploaded a plugin and didn't notice that I uploaded a folder containing the plugin-file plus the plugin-folder

if you mean gsgallery-simple-image-gallery, check that these files


and the 2 directories


as well exist in the directory /plugins

concerning the event-plugin: I am not sure if that plugin even works correctly
see here:

at least there you find information how to use it

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Welcome to the forum BellaHHD.

Plugins do not have to create a link in the sidebar.

Admin Tab Loader allows new tabs to be created on the top menu.
Simple Image Gallery uses one of these tabs rather than the sidebar.
The events plugin creates a sidebar menu item on the pages tab.
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@BellaHHD - to elaborate on a couple of points Mike said...

- The screenshot you uploaded shows no problems to me. i see 5 plugins installed (the table shown above that text shows all 5)

- Plugins have the ability to add their sidebar links to any sidebar - not only the "plugin" sidebar.

- To further that, some plugins just give you certain abilities inside your theme or add to a certain part of the GetSimple UI. Because of this, not all plugins need to create their own sidebar link on any page.

- The image gallery tab up top is a plugin that does things a little different than most. Make sure you read their instructions to make sure you installed it correctly.
- Chris
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Thanks all for your information.

All permissions are correct on all the plug-ins and all files have been uploaded to the correct area.

I am going to work with the gallery plug-in alone today. Hopefully once I get it working I can introduce and study up on the others or find workable replacements.

It's just frustrating to see other GS sites with great galleries and not be able to do it my self.

Thanks again!
Well ... I'm just going to step away from it for a bit before I manage to wreck everything that DOES work.

This is what I have:

Simple Image Gallery, 2.5.3 (I've deleted all other plugins for the time being)

2 directories:

squareit-gallery - CHMOD 777
squareit-loadtab - CHMOD 777


squareit-gallery.php - CHMOD 755
squareit-loadtab.php - CHMOD 755

I am using "Fancy URLs" and yes, mod_rewrite is enabled on the server.

Clicking the "image Gallery" tab on the Plugins page takes me to this

Very frustrated.

I know it's probably something very simple.

:: sigh ::

Thanks again for the help.
looks like loadtab.php is missing from your /admin folder.

the plugin itself should make a copy of it but may not have the permissions to do it.

You take a copy of it from plugins\squareit-loadtab\loadtab.php
and put it in \admin

hopefully that will do it for you.
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OMG! Thank you so MUCH!!

Looks like SOMETHING is working the way it's supposed to!

I am off to play happily!!

Oops - getting an error msg when I try to create a new gallery:

ERROR: Unable to save: *.xml

Am I wrong in assuming that this is some sort of permissions issue, and if so, where do I fix it?


Okay figured THAT out, gallery created. Added to code to gallery page.

And got THIS:

but I AM seeing a sort of light at the end of this tunnel. Yay!


I have photos, but no thumbs. Some sort of permissions issue again?

I will keep looking and working at it, thank you ALL so much for the help!

BellaHHD: generate thumbnails manually or
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yojoe Wrote:BellaHHD: generate thumbnails manually or

THAT worked perfectly.

Now I can work on the EASY stuff, like CSS.

Thank you SO much!

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