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About Statistics for GS Websites

What Statistics are you using for your GS Websites ?

Google ? Piwik ? Matomo ? AWStats ? Crazystats ? Firestats ? Infosniper ?
Clickheat ? Tracewatch ? OWA ? BBClone ?

I like bbclone. It stays in the same spirit as GS because
it is hardcore, fast and does not need a mysql database.

It is pretty detailed and well documented.

There is even a nightly build that is prepared for php 7.x
You can find downloads here:


Of course bbclone is not a full blown stats that you can use
for improving the SEO for a website. For that I use inspectlet.

Inspectlet has everything in the house for seriously improving
the SEO of a website. It even has a free plan !
(I am not affiliated with inspectlet)


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