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PROBLEM Not able to install GetSimple
Hello Friends,

I seem not to be to install the software on my domain.
When I type in the admin directory and choose the admin directory I see a garbled screen (I think). See attachment.
So I think I did something silly during the installation.

Can someone advise ?

Many thanks ahead.

Kees Bal
The Netherlands

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Hoi Kees

Zeer verrast dat hccnet nog steeds bestaat Smile

Your get-simple installation seems to be a few levels down the root,
1. check that your root .htaccess reflects the correct RewriteBase /subfolders??
2. check that the url in settings reflects your domain

Check if you can install gs-simple locally without any problems
e.g. with wamp xamp or laragon


Thanks for your quick reply, I will look into it and revert.


25 jaar geleden lid geworden van HCCNet en ik lees hun tijdschriften nog altijd ...
Verder gebruik ik het om de oude website die ik beheer over de Nederlandse detective-schrijver Ivans (1866-1936) in de lucht te houden.
Daar moet na 20 jaar ook weer eens wat aan worden gedaan. Daar wilde ik dus wat mee experimenteren.
Hoi Kees,

Mijn allereerste computer was een newbrain van grundy die ik kocht op de hcc markt in Utrecht.
Dat waren nog eens tijden Smile

But anyway, you made the right choice for your website with the get-simple cms system.
It is real fast, flexible api for both coders and designers and very php friendly.
You can also find many plugins for your needs. We are there to answer
any question you may have about the gs system.
Regarding computing, I work nearly fourty years now as an IT-consultant, but in website-building I am a complete novice.
I will try to summarize what I have, and intend to do. I have an account with HCC as a member, and my “homepage” is :

In one of the attachments you will find an overview of the maps and files that I have. In the file-list you will find the file “index.html” which is the main page of the website I maintain in Microsoft 2003 Frontpage.
And indeed, no changes since 2013. All other files I uploaded are pictures I needed for different websites, I also sell old Dutch detectives as a hobby as wells as books about the Dutch East Indies.

The file-transfer program I use (do not laugh) is WS_FTP LE from 1995. Works fine by the way !
So I thought I could use this as the basis for my experiments (to start with) with GetSimple.
So I copied the GetSimple in a directory called “GetSimpleTEST”, as per installation instructions, and I did not do any fancy thing as it is all new to me..
After doing this I went to the “admin” folder to set up my account in the installation process, where I got stuck.

My intention on the long run is to create a couple of very small websites for my hobbies, not more than three pages each, and also links and some pictures. Very simple.

Hope this clarifies a bit, and I hope you can help me further with installation (explain what I did wrong or omitted).


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Hi Kees,

Your website with books is very straight forward so it will be easy to port it to the get-simple cms system.
The GS cms has an uploads folder where you can store the folders and files you showed me in your
attachment. Thge GS cms doesn't work with an index.html or other html files directly in the root but
works with php templates with the necessary html. I could setup a website with GS that would work
for your books to give you a jumpstart. Do you want the website in 1 language or multi language ?
If you have many books to show you could make use of pagination. Once you get going you will wonder
why you didn't find the GS cms before Smile

Thank you very much for your offer to set-up my booksite. It would single-language. Pagination is an option, I certainly want to make use of it.
However, my first concern is to set-up the GetSimple software om my domain, to start with some trial and error to get some basic experience. So could you advise further on that ? See the attachment with the logon-screen which I am getting.

Many thanks ahead.


I further read the dosumentation and I decided to install it locally on my laptop under Windows 10. I used WAMP and am currently trying to figure out how it works and its options.
I managed to get the installation-screen for GetSimple, see attachment.
I will go further later today or tomorrow.

On "" I got exactly the screens as expected, so all seems OK so far.

Thanks for your advice.


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I managed to install it on another website I have, and there installation worked fine.
I now have a local set-up of GetSimple as well as a version on a website.
I made my first test-page, I used some YouTube video's for explanation and so.

I think the properties of my webpage at HCC does not match the requirements, I will sort that out to check.

I am getting somewhere !

Quote:I think the properties of my webpage at HCC does not match the requirements, I will sort that out to check.

Hello Kees,

In the root of GS you will find a .htaccess file. Open this .htaccess file
in a good code editor (not a text editor) e.g. notepad++
and look for this part:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine on

    # Usually RewriteBase is just '/', but
    # replace it with your subdirectory path
    RewriteBase /

Check the line with: RewriteBase /

If you installed GS in a subfolder on your hcc hosting, the name of the subfolder
must be entered like this:

RewriteBase /yoursubfolderhere/


In the root of GS you will also find the file gsconfig.php
Open it in a good code editor and look for this part:

# Turn on debug mode
#define('GSDEBUG', TRUE);

Uncomment the second line so it looks like this:

# Turn on debug mode
define('GSDEBUG', TRUE);

Save the gsconfig.php file

Now you have error reporting enabled.

Go back to your GS installation and open the home page,
see if you get any error messages that can help you

Don't forget to comment out again the line: define('GSDEBUG', TRUE);
to disable error reporting again.

Hello Kees,

Did you check this essential information out:

Thanks for your replies !
Yes, I found the Wiki-tutorials, as well as several English and German Youtube video''s.
I am going to "dig" through them, there is enough to study.
A few test-pages were opened and changed by me, and it looks as expected.

Quote:Yes, I found the Wiki-tutorials, as well as several English and German Youtube video''s.
I am going to "dig" through them, there is enough to study.

Hi Kees, and welcome.
Here is another essential GS goodie:

Also put question on HCC-forum and the reply was :

"PHP word niet ondersteund op de Homepage van de HCC-er."

So no PHP support, and that is the most likely explanation. So no use trying it on HCC.

Never mind, thanks for your support,

I see php tags, that means php is not on this server.
NEW: SA Admin Toolbar Plugin | View All My Plugins
- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Hello Kees,

What are your plans to go on with this ?
So that hcc turns out a real cheap trick hosting as it not even serves php !
It is not easy to find a good free hosting because 99% of them have frustrating and hidden limitations.
I can save you time with searching for the real exception: freehostia:
250MB Disk Space - 6GB Monthly Traffic - 1 Database - 5 Hosted domains
To get this free hosting service from them, you have to buy your own domain name,
so that is a real good deal. (and no, I am not affiliated with freehostia)
Remember that GS does not need a mysql database, it is blazing fast, even on shared hosting !!
I think that 250MB could be enough for your website about dutch writers and detective books.
Let us know how you are going.
You might wanna switch host or try a static site generator (compile site locally, copy output directory to remote server over SSH/ FTP):
Some suggestions: Jekyll (runs on Ruby), metalsmith (runs in NodeJs), Publii (runs in NodeJs, has a nice basic admin view)


I have not decided yet how to proceed.
The limitations of HCC were no problem, I used for hosting an old site I took over from a friend. I do not maintain it on a regular basis, I did the last minor changes some seven years ago. I am a member of HCC because I wanted their magazine. That is also not so important anymore for me.
I have claimed in the past a few website-names, which I want to use in the future, I pay currently five or six Euros per year for that. Currently they are "managed" via STRATO here in The Netherlands.
STRATO mentioned GetSimple as a very good and simple tool on its site, that is the way I found it.

I will consider your proposals.

One of the first to do is my wife's website. It is built in Microsoft Frontpage 2003, and someone made a Wordpress version of it, with which I am not very happy. So I am looking into it myself. For that site a will use Wordpress (if I find a free simple Theme) or GetSimple, which I like because of its simplicity. There is also a learning curve for me !

Thanks for all your reading/advising !


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