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Google Translate on the GS site
I noticed that Google Translate got included into the site. I'm okay with it, but it seems me dismissing English translations doesn't stick which sucks. I just removed the site's header (via Stylish) for more vertical space on my netbook and now the Translate bar is being overlayed at the top of the viewscreen after page loads.

Checked in Fx and IE. Anybody else experience this?
Are you sure you've seen the translate option ?
I thought adblock or noscript blocks it, but I didn't see anything related to g.translate under all 5 browsers I use :/

edit: ohhhh had to clean some mess along with cache in browsers.
Addons: getsimple theme, Online Visitors, Notepad

So whats the problem with it? I'm open to optimizing it - not sure how to help anyone...
- Chris
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Heading over to the other thread.

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