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Video archive for retro computers
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Hi everyone,

I'm the new guy on the forums. Just discovered GetSimple CMS while on the search for a CMS that was still rather up to date, not requiring a database and yet would provide backwards compatibility. I'm happy to report that GetSimple CMS works fine even on Mac OS 9.2.2 and Classilla Browser (a slightly updated Netscape 7) which is amazing! I can edit content on my 22 year old Power Mac. All hail the power of PHP and simple HTML Smile

That said, I'm using GetSimple for my retro computing project. I felt that old Macintosh computers were way too cool to be shelved away so I created Cornica. It is essentially a Mac-centric Quicktime (anyone remember?) archive. You can go online with your old computer and watch "computer video" the way we used to back in the days before YouTube, Facebook & others :-)

Because my target was a 68030 Macintosh IIci from 1989 I had to backport a lot of stuff to HTML 3.2 (1997 specs). Now the page happily renders in Netscape 4.08, which is the last version created for 68k Macintoshes. Say hello to our good old friends ImageMaps & table layout :-)

Visit Cornica, preferably with your old gear: =>

Thanks to all GS core & plugin devs!
Hi Bolkonskij,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Get-Simple cms.
Yes, Get-Simple is an amazing cms in use of backend, php and api.
It also comes with a lot of powerful plugins.
I am setting up a 1000 pages test case that shows the amazing
speed of the Get-Simple cms. Check back on next Monday.
I'm up to almost 700 pages with my above mentioned project by now and Get Simple is not slowing down anyhow. It keeps being very speedy.
Very impressive!

The speed is amazing. I cannot comprehend why anyone would opt for Wordpress when it comes to a small business / blog type of website. It's a bloated monster by comparison that is so slow.

Any idea to expand this to e.g. a 2500 pages testcase? I wonder how and if performance degrades?
Quote:Any idea to expand this to e.g. a 2500 pages testcase? I wonder how and if performance degrades?

Challenge accepted . . . . I will double it from 1000 to 2000 pages and see what happens
Check back first week of March
Hi Bolkonskij. I absolutely love your site and really admirewhat you're putting together. I couldn't get to see any of the videos yet because my latest FireFox Mac couldn't find a plugin for MIME type but I'll look into that later. What video format are you using, is it Flash?

Well done
@Felix - awesome, looking forward to it! (though that script is a bit slow, if execution takes until March? ;-) )

@davetest - thanks for the kind words! It's Quicktime (remember .mov?), the pioneering video technology from Apple (born in 1991). You best enjoy Cornica on an actual old 68k or PowerPC Macintosh. Or you try your hands emulating one, but I've got no idea how good that'll be. The page is all HTML 3.2 (1997) web technology, so even your beige 90's computer can render it in whatever browser (Netscape, Internet Exploder ...)

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