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Check Which User Is Logged In
I am so close to finishing my multi-user plugin.
Right now it can create, edit, and add new users. I also have the permissions system figured out besides one peice..

I need the plugin to check which user is logged in. $USR will not work.

Anyone have any ideas?
get_cookie('GS_ADMIN_USERNAME') should do it
- Chris
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wow.. that was easy, I spent the last 3 hours trying to figure out a way to do that Big Grin

Well I will finish this up now and release it later tonight or tomorrow.

The permissions system will give the ability to block or grant (for each individual user) access to 'create new page', 'settings', 'plugins', 'backups', 'files', etc.

AWESOME! This is exactly what I needed for the newsfeed plugin Smile

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