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Backporting the Admin CMS for retro computers
Hey everyone,

as some of you may know, I'm into retro computing (particularly old Macintosh computers). Get Simple is my CMS of choice for the speed (no database queries) and ease of use. (thanks to doing its magic on the server-side and leaving JavaScript mostly out of the game)

So with the holidays up ahead I thought it would be fun if I could actually use my old machines to update content. Get Simple CMS on a 1989 Macintosh IIci? Sure, why not?

The task would be to backport the admin cms to HTML 4 (or even 3.2 for that matter) and strip it of any CSS. That would give me even more speed. Har! Before I'm about to venture into this adventure, a few thoughts though

1.) Anyone ever tried to rewrite the Admin CMS template ?
2.) Given the architecture, this is likely to break the upgrade cycle, is it?
3.) Other than going through every single php file in the admin folder - any advice / ideas on how to proceed best ?

If I manage to get this done I'll post a screenshot of browsing the CMS with Netscape 4.08 (last browser version to support a Mac with a 68030 CPU :Smile

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