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Backporting the Admin CMS for retro computers
Finally found the time to tinker with my above mentioned plans for Get Simple. I had to make some significant changes to the /admin files like stripping out all of the JS / CSS and changing the templates (remember good ol' table layouts?).

Future updates will require a manual merging but I now have a HTML 3.2 compliant back-end but with modern security.* It works fast and reliable with Netscape 4.8 on my 1997 Power Macintosh 8600 / 200 (yeah, that's 200 Megahertz) which is a true testament to the flexibility and unbloatedness of Get Simple CMS. Love it!

Kudos to all GS devs! Great job! :-)

* well, yeah, no SSL / TLS for this buddy

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RE: Backporting the Admin CMS for retro computers - by Bolkonskij - 2021-08-26, 21:45:58

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