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Co.Nr Experiment
I wondered how the setup of the 'Website Base URL' feature for Get Simple worked with pseudo-domains that only provide URL redirects. The most commonly used one is the infamous Co.Nr, and this one in particular is known for its URL cloaking feature and path forwarding. So the url: will mask www.yourdomain.othertld/subdir, which is nice for those who don't have the cash to get a DNS featured domain. The problem with this though is that it is all just a frame with your page inside it - once you start clicking links, you still have the url in the top bar when you've navigated to other aspects of the site.

However, if you use your Co.Nr domain name in the Website Base URL field on the Settings Page, it masks automatically for all of your pages.


So as you navigate the site (even through the links using Mcvlek's News Plugin), only the bit up to the first forward slash is masked, giving the illusion of a (more) professional domain name. Just something that interested me, because I wanted to see how far a Co.Nr Basic Account could be utilised to look good, and the success of this is largely due to Get Simple's coding. Smile
that is awesome. i never heard of before.
- Chris
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