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Get simple 3.0 with all necessary plug-in inside
Hello All,

You can say you are lazy but i am not able to install Get Simple 3.0 properly with I18N and other custom plugins (also with new version, i have to refresh page whenever i changed anything at admin panel, otherwise it gets older file from cache =(

So i need help from Get simple gurus. Can you download GS 3.0 and include all plugins (expecially I18Ns because i want design multi language pages) and other necessary plug-ins (for example photo gallery or when you want to add photo to a page, you can easily choose photo form list (better than copy+paste photo links) etc etc.

Thanks form now and i really need complete and waiting yoru helps

Best regards.


PS: my email:

sorry, but that is a service which is not possible to deliver as we are all unpaid volunteers and the program is open source.

I suggest that you install all the necessary plugins which you want to use
in a sequence, one by one

test it, upload the next, etc.

That is the way we all have to do it and I can assure you that it works that way.

Everybody is a beginner first and has to go step by step, we all have to learn and I am sure the procedure is not so difficult

good luck, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Orat ...
could you tell me what other language (exept engish) wish you to use ??
I made this installation ... but in greek language. (I translatede all plugins into my language and installation works automatically)
Into another language you have to translate all en_US files

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