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Windows 11 is coming up
Windows 11 is coming up !
Windows 7 was the last version made with the User in Mind. After that Windows versions were made for MicroSoft with the User as their product. No longer a local account ... saw that already coming. More telemetry, now they can grab your private data even better, more microsoft store, more forced applications. The whole MicroSoft Windows evolution actually reflects that most people allow Big Companies to turn the User into their product. For the rest of us, google for Windows 10 Ameliorated ... probably the last Windows modified completely for the User. That is why MicroSoft has taken it down, but you can still find it and download it. Not only is it made for the User, but it is also a perfect windows for Coders.

Legal Notice: It is not allowed to provide an AME download link.
It is allowed to download the AME scripts and make your own.
See the section: Build Yourself
Yes, Windows 11 is here. Just ask your self this:
"what can you do better or more with Windows 11 compared to Windows 10 or 7" ?
See what I mean ?
Does anyone know a good Linux alternative with a similar desktop as Window 7 ?
I tried Zorin, Mint, Garuda, Solus and Feren OS but they are either too heavy
or not similar enough to the windows 7 desktop.
Still using Windows 10.Whose on 11 already? Anything to fear before upgrading?

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