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SMTP support for admin
Maybe this feature has had already requested
On my hosting provider mail() function is disabled and Getsimple does not provide SMTP
Can you add please

Many Thanks
Welcome to the get-simple cms and the forum
Would be nice if you introduce a bit about your self
tell us about how you are using the get-simple cms

Quote:On my hosting provider mail() function is disabled

What hosting provider are you using ?

Quote:Getsimple does not provide SMTP

See the available smtp plugins

The Get-Simple cms already has professional smtp plugins
made by experienced coders.
Today I tried to install on XAMP/Win64 box , on localhost , and similarly , having NOT defined/configured any SMTP server I got a message giving my credentials (since an email server related internal error made this message to appear , but the text says  nothing about SMTP config , actually the error message : not event a word about SMTP or mail server , or a word telling the credentials haven't been sent by email )
Ok, the message comes from the file in /admin/lang/en_US.php so it's easy to update/translate

How can we fix the install to work around SMTP issues at install time ?  (at the time of writing, i already tried 2x to install , but the lack of SMTP server on that XAMP/Win64 box ... it makes the install fails (error HTTP 500 after receiving the cfredentials on screen with the auto-generated password, but 500 onclick on the provided like at the end of the err message) and i'd like to try Get Simple the new version you wrote since the tiemi used to contribute to this nice CMS :
Locally, I always install the get-simple cms in Laragon and never have any problem

Move over to Laragon, which is many times better anyway.

If you still want to use Xampp, you have to do some configuration:

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