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INSTALL to include most-download i18n languages translations pls
Hi all ,

Back today @Get Simple , ( last visited: 07-05-2014 :O)  )

As I wrote 1 or 2 hours ago when landing back here 

I still can't manage to install GetSimple but the point here is regarding i18n texts that can be more helpful when facing an install deception :

I'd like to suggest to _INCLUDE_ most used languages files as e.g. but not exlusively :
es_ES.php , de_DE.php , fr_FR.php by default bundled 
into the official distros/repo

Since the code is ready & working ,

It costs a mere KiB to add to the .zip distro , and we could figure out to clean/deleted unused languages once installed

Voilä, just to ease the install process to non-english users.

Thanks you for reading and your consideration

Have a good day 

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