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SOLVED Flat Lightweight CMS Collection Without MySQL Database
The following is a super light and flat CMS that you need to try. Oh yes, flat CMS means CMS that do not require databases such as MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL but store their data in PHP or xml and even text files (txt).

1. Quick CMS

Quick CMS is really a very lightweight CMS. To open a page it takes less than a second. The advantages, of course, are that it is fast, does not require a database, supports quite a lot of templates and plugins and of course web hosting is friendly and the size is less than 500kb. Unfortunately, one drawback is that it doesn't support clean urls (pretty permalinks).

2. Nibbleblog CMS – WordPress Alternative without Database

At first glance, the Nibbleblog CMS admin looks like WordPress, and even the blog schema and file engine structure are similar to wordpress. What is offered by wordpress is also available on Nibbleblog, from plugin and theme contributions, pretty permalink support and basically SEO friendly. The only difference is that nibbleblog doesn't need a database. Another plus, Nibbleblog is also equipped with additional plugins in the initial installation package, starting from special about pages, analytics to open graphs.

3. Monster CMS

Monstra declares itself as a modern light and fast CMS. I totally agree with this slogan. Imagine, it looks very modern, simple but still elegant. Even the themes and templates already use HTML5 and CSS3. In terms of SEO, it is also capable, the plugin support is quite a lot, you just have to try it.

4. Get Simple CMS

GetSimple CMS is one of my favorites, even I use it. Even so simple, I finally learned to make my own theme. One of the advantages of other lightweight CMS is that this CMS is stable and safe and has many developers, so you don't have to worry because there are many references if there are problems. And one more thing, GetSimple CMS allows replacing and hiding the admin page either by using a plugin or through its default configuration.
Get-Simple CMS is the only one that lets you make multi-language websites on the front side
and is the only one with truly powerful plugins

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