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ThumbsUP - Rating plugin for GetSimple CMS
New plugin for CMS GetSimple "ThumbsUP" takes into account the ranking and actual pageviews of the website. Thumbs up! all the materials you like.

Current version of "ThumbsUP" v.1.4
  • Customizable material assessment forms;
  • Invisible form for registering visits;
  • Rating informer for search results;
  • Voting without refreshing the page;
  • Improved definition of user's IP;
  • The ability to edit the rating;
  • Search through pages.

Attention! The jQuery library is required!

"ThumbsUP" v.1.4

[Image: ms_thumbs_up_5.jpg]
[Image: ms_thumbs_up_2.jpg]
[Image: ms_thumbs_up_4.jpg]
Here is the thumbs up english translation:
What do you guys think ?
(2021-09-30, 19:13:06)Феликс Wrote: Вот перевод большого пальца на английский:
Что вы, ребята, думаете?
Hi! I put this plugin on my website

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