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Headings are gone from Innovation theme for me
I'm getting a little stressed out, because I can't see any headings in Innovation anymore. My setup right now is Fx 4.0.1 on Ubuntu Linux 11.04. I can see the headings in the markup, but I cannot select heading text with the mouse. I've had this behaviour for a while now with my desktop box, Fx 4.0 and Ubuntu 10.10 as well. Other browsers are not affected.

I switched to Cardinal and the headings were visible again so I am guessing the font replacement is involved to some degree. Strangely enough, I'm not having these problems with Ubuntu and Fx on my netbook...

I've deactivated any and all addons, emptied the browser cache, force-reloaded pages, sacrificed a new-born guinea pig, created a new profile, to no avail. Sad

Any idea?

one guinea-pig is just not enough ;=(
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