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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2022-10-18, 19:53:09)Felix Wrote:
Quote:This website has more than 1000 Pages. Some of these Pages have more than 250 PDF pages content.

Is your website powered by osCommerce or by GS ?
With more than 1000 Pages how many seconds of delay when
opening a Page in the Backend ?

Dear @Felix,

Our following commercial website is Powered by osCommerce:
Celextel Spiritual Store

Our following non-commercial websites are Powered by Get Simple CMS:
Vedanta Spiritual Library
Vedanta Shastras Library

Both these websites have the same content [more than 1000 Pages].

Page Management at the back end shows all the page titles within few seconds. Edit Page which contains more than 250 PDF pages content also open up within few seconds. We do not see any delay which happens in Database based CMS like Word Press.

Please find our CMS Story in brief at the following Thread: 
Vedanta Shastras Library at

All our websites are being hosted in a Shared Reseller Hosting Account!

With Best Wishes,


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