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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2023-04-10, 03:57:43)leestwise Wrote: I have one problem that may or may not be due to the upgrade: Attempting to edit and save a change to one of the Innovation theme PHP files causes an internal server error. The permissions on the directory and the file are 755. I also tried 777 to no avail. This is not a deal-breaker because I can do local editing with FTP uploads, but I do like the admin editing option.

Hello @leestwise. What type of error? Like a 500? A little more info is needed. Paste what its says so we have a better idea.
Could be .htaccess or modsecurity, or a new problem.
Regarding your plugin problem, maybe turn on debug in gsconfig to see what it says. Could be that the plugin is outdated, or is related to the above problem.

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