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I18N Gallery
First of thanks for the plugin and cms. it is great. Excuse my English. 

I would like to use s3slider width at 100% and not px. how can I do that best? is the further development of cms and plugins stopped? 

maybe developer can update the plugin that you can select units% or pixel?
(2018-01-20, 05:03:50)bafrali55 Wrote: is the further development of cms and plugins stopped?

The cms is being developed, but on a slow pace. At the moment you can download a beta of the next version, for example. The plugin developer of I18N Gallery has not been on the forum since 14-05-2017, so developing activity on his plugins might have stopped. There might be someone else in here that knows how to integrate what you need.
I have tried using the i18n_gallery pagination function but it is not working.
Can anyone please help profer a solution.


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I'm inattentive, so I never paid attention to the dates of creating galleries, they all change after the creation of a new gallery.
It is a pity that Martin is no longer at the forum.
One of the users of GetSimple CMS found some errors in the plug-in related to the dates of creating galleries, he made edits and added a paginator with a choice of the number of galleries on the page and a search that will greatly facilitate the work with a large number of galleries on the site. The contents of the archive should be copied to the i18n_gallery folder, the files should be replaced.

Download files
Hi guys,

I'm using the pretty photo option but when I display the gallery it shows the navigation box, rather than than presenting the content via pretty photo.  I'm sure it's pretty simple fix ... just cant see it.  Example here if you click on any of the thumbnails.
Move the script from the bottom up.
Hello ,
i used this great CMS and In18 Gallery  and all works fine only the Gallery is shown the Thumbnails and if i klick he load the full side  include Template  and than it is... now switging left or right , only i can close and reload the gallery.
Slider, Superzied  dont work in the settings and only Fancybox  is possible.

Can somebody help me fix that, you can see the problem here :

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