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flipbook plugin
Hi to everyone,

I like using getsimple and I want to stay with it. At the moment I am looking for a flipbook integration which does not need external calls and is looking nice. There are some commercial which looks fine but are designed for wordpress. I never have worked with wordpress and I am wondering if there is a possibility to integrate plugins for wordpress in getsimple. I am not a very skilled programmer but I can do some work in php (so I already have migrated getsimple and all plugins I need to PHP8.1). Has anyone tried using wordpress plugins on getsimple? The plugin I want to use is this:

Best regards
I have found solutions - both not commercial. I decided to use two: one for computers and one for smartphones/tablets. Reason is low horse-power on smartphones and tablets for the nice-looking animated solution - so I switch to a less cpu load version for those devices. I created a page where the flipbooks are integrated via iframes.

Source of the flipbook code:

Page where I have integrated them:

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