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V 3.3.16 on Mac injecting font style
Hope this forum is still alive .. or should i go to Discord with my questions ..?

Made a site with Win10, everything's ok.
But on Mac (dont know the OS version) / Chrome, when Site User is editing the content, a strange font styling is injected, so simple and plane paragraph gets deep nested with font styling vertical-align.

Anyone understand this phenomenon?
Funny thing that the previous version of that site was made 10-12 years ago (dont know the GS version any more), and after some time had the same problem.
Only when Site User edits through a Mac.

CKeditor is on 'advanced' and font-styling button is disabled.

Any ideas .. ?

well, digging it deep to find a possible cause i found out something similar / almost identical,

it's on CKeditor site and is mentioned as an "apple-style-span" error.

Im surprised no one reacted as Im expecting that more people are using GS on a Mac

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