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Archive section in forum
I think this forum realy needs an archive section. A place where old posts go (more than one year old).

What might also be good is to ask users who make their posts what version of GS it is about (under lines "Topic Subject" and "Topic Tags"), don't know if that's possible. Topics about GS v.2 aren't relevant anymore, right?
Or you can make sub-sections with different version numbers.

Maybe the new moderators can also cleanup the posts by closing some old topics?

I see in a lot of Forum sections more than 3 topic-pages. I think to keep it organised and relevant it should at least not get over 3 pages (30 topics p.p.).
I think this would be a good idea.

I suppose with the current version at V3, that would make V2 irrelevant, although there is always the slim possibility users are still using V2.

A sub section would definately organise and make things a lot easier to navigate for those looking for posts on past versions though.

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Nobody (except maybe CC) knows how many hosters offer GS 2.x as 1 click installer.
Thus some support for it shouldn't be ceased.
I'd go with an information to post GS version, list plugins and server info when somebody starts threads like "GS doesn't work". As we know, there are no fortune-tellers here Wink

I'd definitely go with archive section for plugins.
Development of some of them was abandoned (like nSys news), some are obsolete (p01 contact, which became a more powerful form builder) and so on.

From the other hand, the more section, the bigger the mess.
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i quickly checked, and there doesnt seem to be an easy way to archive forum posts in punbb. if someone else finds a solution, im willing to consider it.

What is the point of archiving anyway? If we make sure that old posts aren't brought back to life by newbies, then whats the harm in letting the older posts sit there?
- Chris
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I think we can do one or more of the following:
  • Put some work in closing (most) dated posts
  • Make 1 or 2 subsections in topicsections, like subsection GS-V3.0 and subsection GS-older versions
  • adding version tags to topics

The problem with only closing old topics and not categorizing them with a version number, means that searching for a solution for a problem in the forums can give you a lot of result which might not be relevant anymore since it's an old GS version.

Isn't it possible to make a version-checkbox option, which is a requierment when doing a post? When you do a search it would also be nice to be able to select the version of GS.

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