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QUESTION Pagination in pages loop

After solve my previous problem , i have another challenge to do: adding pagination in the pages loop.

Searching a lot, but can't found a solution. See my test-website, below the page-loop.

For testing adding and customize the code from this website:

Customize the nav-links..
[font="Droid Sans Mono", "monospace", monospace]<a href="?page=<?php echo $page_first; ?>">« First</a>
<a href="?page=<?php echo $page_prev; ?>">Prev</a>
<a href="?page=<?php echo $page_next; ?>">Next</a>
<a href="?page=<?php echo $page_last; ?>">Last »</a>[/font]

But when click on the nav-links then it shows nothing, i think change the htaccess rules.

Looking to the Pagify-plugin, but that's only for splitting a page in several sections.

Someone knows a solution for this?

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