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Moving the content
Hi everyone, I made two installations on two different domains. The first is a test location and the other the final website. Now I try to move the content from one to the other. This does not work as good as I had in mind.

Q: Is there a "list" of files to copy and things that need adjusting

Greetings Tom.
Try with the simplest method: create website archive from within admin panel, and unpack files on new location, except /data/users directory.

If you have made changes withing gsconfig and htaccess, you will have to do it manually, not by replacing files, as they may contain different paths, salts and so on.
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Hi Donuts,

did you check the WIKI?

This might be interesting for you:

Good luck!

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Hi Connie and Yojoe, I have first done as it was described in the wiki. But that is like Yojoe indicates incomplete. I have a backup in the "backups" and delete the following files

\ home directory
. htaccess
/ data / users directory

change the base URL in the Setup

And it works.
With the exception of the internal links. So Find and replace all links in the /data/pages directory, and change them to the new URL

Still, thanks for your quick response. The answers helped me a lot.

Greetings, Tom.
Hi Tom,

I am glad you could transfer to the new server now.

The manual replace of the internal links is some work, you are right, it would be better to have relative internal paths

I will edit the info in the wiki concerning gsconfig.php and .htaccess, as this information lacked.

Cheers, Connie

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