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[wysiwyg] tynimce or other
Hello evevryone,

i'm french but i'll try to explain my problem in english..

I setup the plugin tinymce to get a wysiwyw editor for my pages.

but the wysiwyg editor didn't appear ... how can i get a wysiwyg editor for my pages ?

is there any solutions with tinymce or one other plugin ?
In the backend settings there's an option called "Enable the HTML editor", maybe you haven't got it activated? Switching this on should show the CKeditor. It sounded as if you didn't get ANY editor.
When i setup the tynimce plugin the html wasn't enable.

After reading the support forum, i saw that enable it but no change .

maybe i must reinstall the plugin ?

edit :after tests, no change. i don't understand why it doesn't run
HTML Editor enable = this means enable CKEDitor which comes with GS

I never tried the TinyMCE-Plugin because I am convinced that CKEditor is better (just my personal experience)

Are you not satisfied with all the possibilities which you have with CKEditor?
Why you need TinyMCE? Maybe this needed feature is available in CKEditor as well?

I will test TinyMCE and come back to this topic

Cheers, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
GetSimple 3.0
I installed the plugin which I downloaded from the extend
HTML editor was activated
I checked the Plugin-Settings of the editor

I couldn't get it to work

in the support thread at I read that there is a help button for TinyMCE but I could not find that either

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
ok so i enable the html editor but in pages i there is no editor.

how can i fix this problem
kirua46 Wrote:how can i fix this problem

Try this:

(BTW, I suggest using the plugin's support thread)

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