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Hello All, You can say you are lazy but i am not able to install Get
Hello All,

You can say you are lazy but i am not able to install Get Simple 3.0 properly with I18N and other custom plugins (also with new version, i have to refresh page whenever i changed anything at admin panel, otherwise it gets older file from cache =(

So i need help from Get simple gurus. Can you download GS 3.0 and include all plugins (expecially I18Ns because i want design multi language pages) and other necessary plug-ins (for example photo gallery or when you want to add photo to a page, you can easily choose photo form list (better than copy+paste photo links) etc etc.

Thanks form now and i really need complete and waiting yoru helps
If you have problems after installing plugins by your own, you won't get rid of them even getting GS pack with all plugins.

You didn't even mention what sort of plugins are you using, not even a slight insight what exactly have you done, and what are the problems you are having.

Firstly look at GS minimum requirements, as lately most of people having problems with GS didn't take their time to read them.

As it goes about all Mvlcek's i18n plugins, they work flawlessly, and all potential bugs are nailed almost instantly by their author.
Addons: blue business theme, Online Visitors, Notepad
Do this:

clear the cache of your browser
log into admin
check if all plugins are activated

log out
clear the cache of your browser again


If it is not ok for you, why not check with another browser for a first test? Mostly there is more than one browser on a computer, for example IE and Firefox

the plugins which you mentioned are no problem, they install easily

so something must have gone wild... how did you upload with FTP? Which FTP client, which FTP-Mode (ASCII, binary or automatic?)

I am sure you will be able to solve this problem, but do a server check as well!

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
I am new to GetSimple and it was so smooth, not having to setup a MySQL database.
I use GoDaddy as a host and when I uploaded it on the server and visited the home page it was all set.

Now I just need to start working on the pages and get some plugins.

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