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I forgot my password
So, I installed Getsimple an hour ago, I logged in as an administrator, and then logged out.
But I forgot that my password is some random word/number, so now I can't log in. I tried to send my
password to my email, but it gives me an error messages saying: "There was a problem sending the email. Please try again." is there anything I can do?
well, that happens ;=)

the fastest way, when mail also did not work:

delete the installation
install anew
when you are logged into GS after successful installation, go immediately to the settings and change the
random password to the password of your choice

That is the easiest, most painless and fastest method

Good luck, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
too you can to edit file: data/users/youuser.xml

If you change the field <PWD>yuopasswordencrypted</PWD> by <PWD>011c945f30ce2cbafc452f39840f025693339c42</PWD>

and save.

This pass is: 1111


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