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Hi Guys,

I am stepping through some code and I don't see much OOP.

This isn't a problem but just thinking about the extensibility or simplicity ...

Any comments?
Well, OOP is yes, more extensible, but more difficult to code. We have the components which are a form of OOP, but in web languages like this, I dont think you see as much OOP, but I may be mistaken. Get in to Ruby on Rails though...
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OOP is nice, but like Derek said, it was much harder to code that way (for me at least), and when I started coding this over 7 months ago, it had 1/10th the features it has now. It started out as just a simple login script... Then i couldn't stop.

I also modeled a lot of things off of the way Wordpress does it - That is what I am most familiar with...
- Chris
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