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Login problem with chrome/IE

I've been trying and designing my website with get-simple and everything was working just fine.

now i was trying to login to the admin area and it wasn't accepting the user/pass combination (after entering it just reload the same admin login). I tried by changing the password by the "forgot pass" option, then by commenting the salts options in the config file and none of that worked. at the end i tried with Firefox and it was working just fine..

the problem is right now the ADMIN area doesn't work with chrome 12.0.742.112 or IE8.

i was looking on the apache error and nothing out of the ordinary was found :/
also tried with a new installation.

does anyone of you guys had any idea how to fix this?


The problem was a incorrect OS timezone.

I just change it to my current -5 (eastern time) and restarted the browser. Done! fixed!

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