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website for a rural pub in Eastern Germany
The pub "Neue Heimat" in Hohendorf bei Wolgast:
[Image: neueheimat320.png]

hosted at: Strato Basic Web XL

- GS 3.0
- german language file
- Multi-User
- DynPages
- I18N und I18N-Gallery
- p01-contact
- Sitemap

Guestbook will be, googlemaps-plugin didn't work at strato

HTML- and CSS is valid

Template: "Summer" by, slightly modified by me (thank you, Oleg!)

The font in the header and the Sidebar is licensed by

the website was realized in less than a week, having a very positive cooperation with the client

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Beautiful site

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
3 things:
Is black font colour on rotten green background colour in menu unreadable only for me ?
Why don't you place Unsere Öffnungszeiten inside box on homepage ?
It would fit there nicely and visitors would have crucial info right away.
You could add 1px padding-right for menu items, aligning vertically last li's right border with right green column.
"Hohendorf" caption could be bigger/boldened and centerized.
Subpages could have different photo below menu.

Check; your move Wink
Addons: blue business theme, Online Visitors, Notepad
thanks for the hints, everything can be made better

I was glad to finish the site to have it online, improvements will follow for sure
so your hints are welcome!

Cheers, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:

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