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a simplier CDN plugin
marrco Wrote:I see 3.1 has caching in the core, so i think it's not too difficult provide a very simple cdn plugin working only with origin pull cdn (ie. amazon cloudfront)

Using a origin pull cdn requires just 2 things:
1) to create a CDN specifying the origin (ie. ->
2) rewriting calls to to

so i guess that a plugin for version 3.1 that already creates static pages that just swap urls (original GS / CDN) is not too difficult.

additionally i'd love to have 3 caching levels
-) just uploads (so mapping static.mysite to mysite/data/uploads
-) uploads and template so mapping static.mysite to mysite
-) smart cdn (i don't know.. maybe only files larger than 10k or create a minified css and js files and link to those minified and gzipped copies.)

i already suggested such a plugin one year ago, and provided Zegnåt with access to a few CDN i use, but i guess it was too difficult to develop. Maybe with 3.1 already providing some caching and limiting support to just origin-pull cdn it can make development easier

some other great ideas can surely be inspired by the great w3tc wordpress plugin.

Maybe this can help ?
Stopped developing on GS Plugins. Anybody welcome to take the projects over. Thanks for all the support all.

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