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Have the auto-generated menu only output internal links?
I'm currently working on a one-page website (in 3.1 beta). I'd like to make that website to be easily manageable from within GS, things are working out nicely content-wise so far. I am able to pull page content for my sections into my homepage by way of the SimplePageContent plugin.

I'd like to know if GS' menu generation function can be tweaked to not generate links like

domain.tld/kontakt/ or domain.tld/kontakt.html

but instead


I am currently generating the menu manually which is fine for myself, and I'm going to try and solve this myself, but would love to hear opinions on making this automated!
Try this: settings -> custom permalink structure:

thanks, that's a big step forward! +1 I switched to the I18N navigation, still working like a treat.

Got an idea how to append #slug to the location bar's URL? EDIT: found out that the problem is caused by a javascript smooth scroll script which somehow suppresses the #slug. I commented out some code in that script which prevented the default for clicking a link, now things work as expected.

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