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i18n_gallery won't Create!
I am new to this community, and I would like to say thanks to all the developers who made this very simple CMS.
I've been having trouble getting this Gallery to work right.
I uploaded, and checked the folders in FTP to make sure everything had the right permission.

When I go to my Admin area.
Click on Galleries tab on top.

I see the following options:
View all Galleries
Create New Gallery

I click on "Create New Gallery", then I put in the name, and some settings checked.
When i go to click on "Save gallery", it reloads the page as if it's going to save the information, but nothing happens. Tried over and over again. Still nothing.

View all Galleries has nothing listed either.

Any ideas on where to start?

Also, I am willing to give you my login information through Private Message to have you take a look.

Did you add a (previously uploaded) image before (trying to) save the gallery?

Did you enable sitewide cookies in gsconfig?

PS It's better to post questions in this plugin's support forum:

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