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Tabbed Custom Fileds as core features
I was looking at CushyCMS and SurrealCMS and think the single most useful feature to be included into GS is a tabbed custom fields. The reason designers find it so easy to pickup and use these CMS is because thats how naturally we see contents in a website and how to enable them for editing. I've been using the Custom Fields plugin a lot because having a single content area for client to edit is very limiting and it is easy for them to corrupt the code if we would to put chunk of html blocks in it.

Also, having it as tabs instead of in Page Options section is cleaner. Also, we can have unique number of custom fields for each template instead of every page has all the custom fields.

Anyway, this is just an idea to make GS even more awesomer!!

I would like to also contribute to this amazing project but i have very little knowledge in php (fronted designer), maybe in the graphic and UI department, let me know!
I think all of the 118n extensions should be included in GS core Smile

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