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Free theme change ...These are themes for blogger
I'm new with this cms and getsimple seems to me very well.
ave you tried to make a theme like this these are themes for blogger, for use with getsimple?
Is it easy, not easy? Possible, impossible?
thank you for your experience
see you soon
I do think it is possible, but I would not suggest to start with converting a WP- or blogger-theme


because WP-themes consist of different files like index.php, sidebar.php etc. and it is not easy to cut out all WP-tags first

I would suggest to start with a pure HTML-template and add the GetSimple template tags
all necessary info is in the wiki:

you can find a nice collection of pure HTML templates at

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
converting a wordpress or blogger theme is a pain in the rear end, mostly because they're formatted in a completely different way, and inside the theme files are copious references to wp or blogger specific functions. if you find a theme you really love, you could install wordpress or blogger, install the theme in it, then visit the wp or blogger site and save the static page that's created from all the php functions, then open it in an editor and replace the content parts with the getsimple function calls.

in other words, it's so much work that most people wouldn't bother.
it's easier to create your own really nice getsimple theme from scratch.
I was thinking about converting my wordpress theme, but after reading your post I think I'm just going to start over from scratch with the getsimple theme
You can try to duplicate the graphical aperence. So you use the page layout and maybe some of the graphics and put them in a new or existing team.

I try to make my GS site look like my Wordpress site, so I can replace it.

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