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Nibbleblog plugin
If only I knew PHP, I would love to integrate something like this into Getsimple as a plugin. It is GPL, thus, I don't see why it couldn't be integrated as a plugin like a fork of one cms into a new cms. It uses an XML database just like getsimple and its dashboard is very light. I intend to use this as a blog on my site and Getsimple news manager as devoted to only news about the site. A great combo for those who want a blog with categories and comments without the bloat of Wordpress and want to still use the excellent getsimple interface and experience but want full blog capabilities. At least, this code could provide something to study for the news manager plugin, which has the most downloads, thus, it is the most popular plugin. It demonstrates that getsimple can have a full blog plugin with comments, categories, and the rest of it while still using XML and avoiding mySQL.
Easy to use and install
Video post (for video blogs)
Multilanguage support
XML database, no MySQL or similar DBMS needed
Plug-ins support
Template and themes support
WYSIWYG Editor ( elRTE )
Simple file manager ( elFinder )
Lightweight (only 1MB)
Preparing for SEO (Search engine optimization)
Open Source. Free under the GPL license
Todo arde si le aplicas la chispa adecuada.
Great idea, I was looking into this blog too!
well. it will always be able to integrate that blog into GS, but that way you will have 2 admin areas

as a plugin would be better, for sure.

Remember that this blog does use another editor, so that might be a problem as well

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I was thinking it could be used for ideas of how a blog would work within the getsimple framework.
Since it is open source, I am sure some of the code could be "borrowed"? I don't want to sound too greedy.
Todo arde si le aplicas la chispa adecuada.
yurifanboy Wrote:I don't want to sound too greedy.

you sound good, not greedy ;=)

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:

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