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Where has Get Simple been all my life?!
I am overwhelmed by Get Simple! The install process is utter simplicity, the flat-file data storage is perfect, the user interface and WYSIWYG implementation is as close to perfect as I can imagine. Although I've only just started hacking on themes, that also looks totally intuitive and really powerful.

Thank you so much for developing and supporting this great project. It's amazing how many "lite CMSs" there are, and how none of them tick even half the boxes Get Simple does. Believe it or not, I've been using Drupal (multisites) for "small" brochure sites, because I can't get the power and user interface I require with any of the other small CMSs. Not any more. From now on it's Drupal for the major sites and Get Simple for everything else.

I hope I can contribute some themes in coming months, and I shall certainly be donating as regularly as I can.

Now I've vented some excitement, I'll get back to theme hacking Smile
Welcome to GetSimple! I've also recently discovered it, and after comparing it against the other "simple" CMSs, find it to be the winner. It's incredibly easy to theme for, as I'm sure you're finding out!

Look forward to seeing your contributions!

it is so good to hear judgements like yours! I am glad fo that

have a nice evening and a good continuing experience with GS !

Cheers, Connie (I started to work with GS in March this year with the same impression and the love continues!)
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@Mark Nielsen - i love your post! I'm thinking about buying a billboard and putting that quote up on it! haha, thanks for the great review, and I hope to see you around the community quite a bit!
- Chris
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Please do not email me directly for help regarding GetSimple. Please post all your questions/problems in the forum!
I agree with you. I never expected a soo simple installation.

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