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SOLVED: Internal Server Error shortly after GS installation
i tried to install this great CMS on Alfahosting a german provider(paid), but after the requirement and the user creation page a internal server error is caused. Could you plz help me because on other free servers getsimple works perfectly.
The Server has PHP 5.2 and all other requirements are also there, joomla and drupal are installable on the Server but gs not.
There are some pro settings for the server, like memory limit, allow_url_fopen or allow_url_include i played with them but nothing helps, i could also change the php version between 5.3 5.2 and 4.4, any idea?

Cheers m1k3y
#2 has something to do with the .htaccess file in the main directory, because if i rename it it works like a charm
SOLVED.. mod_rewrite by default was deactivated, activating it solved the problem

you were to fast to get answers here ;=)

I hope you can enjoy GetSimple now

Cheers, Connie

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Some more information:

if you are on Alfahost, you have to check whether .mod-rewrite is activated or not.

Here is the info, which can be found in the support-centre of
Quote:Sie können mod_rewrite und zahlreiche andere Einstellungen selbstständig vornehmen. Um zu den Server-Einstellungen zu gelangen, loggen Sie sich bitte in Ihren Kundencenter ein. Nachdem Sie sich in Ihren Kundencenter eingeloggt haben, klicken Sie auf den Punkt "Meine Pakete" und wählen anschließend das entsprechende Paket aus. Sie sehen eine Übersicht mit diversen Reitern. Unter dem Reiter "Experten-Einstellungen" > "Einstellungen" können Sie jetzt "mod_rewrite" aktivieren.

Bitte bedenken Sie, dass es etwa 10 Minuten dauert, bis die Einstellung übernommen wird. Weiterhin wird mod_rewrite immer nur auf die zum Zeitpunkt der Aktivierung vorhandenen Domains, Subdomains und Ordner angewendet.

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Feel free to check out the htaccess file for 3.3.0.
I have added wrappers to rewrite.

3.3 will also have better rewrite checking in health check and install.
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I had this error, I just managed to solve it by renaming the temp.htacess file. Where can I activate mod_rewrite?
(2013-02-15, 01:43:09)Veltar Wrote: I had this error, I just managed to solve it by renaming the temp.htacess file. Where can I activate mod_rewrite?

in the .htaccess file you need the entry:
RewriteEngine on

this will activate the rewrite-functionality IF the module _mod-rewrite is active at your domain

if the module is not activated, you should ask your hoster how to use it or to activate it for you, some hosters offer that as an option in the client-panel...

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