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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed
I'm doing up a tutorial for my site which has blogging/news setup just using mclvek's Customfields plugin and some php functions handle everything else (paging, categories, tagcloud, search etc... )

check it out here:

The basic setup is;

o - setup customfields
- publishdate - date its was published
- author - author of post
- comments - whether comments are enabled on post or not
- shortdescription - for excerpts
o - setup a blank page called "news", a second one for "blog" if needed
o - all news items are normal pages created with "news" or whatever as the parent.
o - Tags & keywords are used for categories.
o - as all news items are normal pages plugins etc can use as normal.

On my site I use the external comments plugin for handling comments.

So no messing about with plugins or extra tabs for the client. They just create pages as normal.

The only problem at this stage is that it runs on 3.1 which is still in beta.

I'll have the tutorial done by the weekend and post it up.

My Github Repos: Github
Website: DigiMute

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