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I18N Special Pages
This message has nothing to do with this plugin, it is a GS message, it interrupts the saving process like I told you before. This GetSimple version does not run with PHP 7.1.

You can fix the function as follows if you want:

$val = (int) trim($str);

I recommend to change the PHP version to 5.6 this will solve that issues.
Great Plugin!

I just tested this on my everlasting quest to realize accurate and flexible design in a lightweight CMS.
(Homepages with individually styled "sections/rows", some content in 2 column-layout etc.)

My question:
Is it possible to add a CSS class or id to the backend item "Create New Special Page" navigation.
(Similar to the i18n functions: <li id="sb_i18n_base" class="plugin_sb"> )

The idea is to hide this function for non-Admins in some projects - quick and dirty with a primitive "display: none" in backend-CSS or similar.
(In my experience it's necessary to prevent clients from adding "creative ideas" to a site - it was always a desaster when I allowed them to do it.)

I searched within the plugin php-files but didn't find the position to add a class, a hint would be very appreciated!

Thanks and best regards!
hi there. For some reason, the pic browser doesn't display new uploaded images anymore.
older ones still work. does anyone an idea to solve the problem ?

thanx for support. christian
In the doc it says 
  • define directly, how the page should be displayed, instead of using a template

  • customize, how the page shall be displayed as search result

As of search result its really easy to customize. I go to Plugins, Configure special pages, choose my type and on Edit Special Page Type page there is a tab Search there is a textarea field for my custom php, plus there is an example of the default code so its all very easy here.

But when it comes to page view edit, I am stuck. I believe there is View tab for this on thesame settings page. There I have 2 fields: header and content. But no examples here!
When I put something to header it adds it to header, adds, but not replaces. Ok, I dont need header, I just want to edit page content.
So when I put anything to the content field, nothing happens! Yes, I see there are languages, I put in all of them. I even tried to put whole default template code there and finally gotten some result, but strange to the bone: all it did is took page title and put it under meta description and the rest was untouched.
Totally wierd.
Would be very glad to get any hints on how can I customize special page view without creating custom template.
Try to watch this topic. It uses this plugin. Perhaps she will help you understand how to work with him.
Guys, is it possible to put <?php get_special_field('MYFIELD'); ?> to another PHP section?

I need that for this code:

$fot = fopen("com4", "r+");
fwrite($fot, A);
fwrite($fot, MYFIELD);
fwrite($fot, 'B');
fwrite($fot, '23');
fwrite($fot, 'C');

Or at least how can I set <?php get_special_field('MYFIELD'); ?> as $MYFILED?
Can someone help? php 7.2
Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in W:\domains\...\plugins\i18n_specialpages.php on line 143
Dirty Fix, for non countable objects 
count((array) $data)
line 143
if (count($fields) > 0) foreach ($fields as $field) {
if (count((array)$fields) > 0) foreach ($fields as $field) {
Thanks, it helped.
what is the correct way to display content of the "WYSIWYG Editor" custom field in Special Pages?
I tried:
<?php get_special_field('description','',false); ?>
But I get html code displayed in quotes:
<p><strong>Type:</strong> something</p>

<p><strong>Used for:</strong></p>


replace false with true
(2019-10-10, 16:47:19)Oleg06 Wrote: replace false with true

Vsyo genialnoe - prosto! Spasibo bolshoe! ))

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