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How can I make work GetSimple in closed network ?

First off, thanks a lot to your team for your CMS, this is an extraordinary tool for web developer.

Excuse me for my language mistakes, I know my English is not really good.
Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Benjamin and I work for one french administration.

Besides, I keep myself automate computationally some administrative tasks.
I have created an intranet site from scratch, and now I update.
But, update and upgrade are a very slow process. In fact, I have never stud Web Development before, I learn it myself since a little more than one year.

That is why I would like use GetSimple to my company.

However, GetSimple launch some external requests, and those don’t reach, then the HomePage fail, like so :
HTTP 403 Forbidden "This website requires you to log in. "

In closed network, only the admin part works.
Hence my request, which alteration of the code I must accomplished? to make work GetSimple in closed network.

I will be grateful if you would give me a reply.

Hi Ben, please give more info about your GS install : which server & server OS, is the server on the same network as the clients, does your "administration" (I assume you mean government agency ?) use any restrictions such as firewalls etc.
(NB je suis français mais tu peux continuer en anglais, tu auras plus de chance de trouver quelqu'un qui puisse t'aider)
Merci Calmos / Thanks Calmos

I have joined to my post a printScreen of phpinfo() server response.
I don't really know the restrictive measures adopt by my agency.

But I am sure it will work because the admin part works so good, and with an open source code anything is possible.

Maybe some change will be necessary, but wich one ?

:-\ Ben
tweefit Wrote:Maybe some change will be necessary, but wich one ?

I assume that the theme you are using, tries to load some resources (font file, javascript, etc.) from an external URL. Try to find these instances in the template files (e.g. "Innovation" uses Google font) and replace the links with links to local copies or remove them, if they are not really needed (like fonts).

Or use another theme that only uses local resources.
I18N, I18N Search, I18N Gallery, I18N Special Pages - essential plugins for multi-language sites.

I have tried with the most simple theme I can use :

template.php :
<?php get_page_content(); ?>

It displays the same mistake.


Please, another idea ?? to make it run.
Have you tried removing (or renaming) .htaccess?
Ok you had right,

It works!!!
Just few theme must don't work like the default theme.
I had done one mistake.

Great job !!
GetSimple will change and upgrade efficiency of my office.

Thanks to all !!!!

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