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3D Design - with supersized!
Here's my second integration of getsimple in a site! I'm pretty satisfied of this integration and the site is still in expansion.
I'm always glad of everyone's feedback, suggestion or everything!
nice design, can you tell us what plugins do you use?
revonet Wrote:Hi..
nice design, can you tell us what plugins do you use?

I use I18N gallery and navigation plus some custom code!
It's a stylish site, Luca. well done. And it deliverst the images efficiently.

Slightly unsure about the index page: - the words that appear and fade again appear to be links (from the mouse-over pointer change) that you can't activate so I chased them round the screen for a minute before I realised it was like a game that didn't work.

But really nice all the same. You have a lot of talent.

Tim w
Thank you Tim!

About the "tags" in the homepage they will point to a page of course, so you were right trying to click them, but I haven't created the pages yet Big Grin Sorry for that!
hey ! Smile
I am an experienced webmaster and I have to say I "really really" liked the site theme design idea Smile
Nice code too....

Now comes the bad part .....
SEO is horrific, I say "if it's pretty and nobody sees it - IT'S USELESS !"
maybe you didn't got to that,,,

The graphics are nice with nice jqury usage.
But Contatti page is not UI friendly.... to contact form messes with your eye's.

Servizi page is very very "Inappropriate" for a respectable hi-tech company.

Website inspirational, but more work is needed.

Hopes this helps somehow Smile
Nice design dude you have made. But i think you still need to improve your site. I am also doing development and i think we guys are working a great job because we provide facilities to people in all the areas of life.
i use your work. thanks :

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